Welcome home!

Baking has always been my way to escape the world. I love going into the kitchen and never really knowing what I’ll come out with. Maybe it’ll be a classic chocolate chip cookie, or maybe it’ll be an apple pie inspired by Captain America. Either way I know it’ll be delicious and fun to eat.

My Story

Hi friends, I’m Candice! Welcome to Flours & Fiction, my little corner of the internet where I post recipes, food photography, and nerdy inspired content. I’m a professionally trained baker and budding food photographer. I love everything sweet and can’t live without sourdough bread. I’m also currently working on my Master’s degree in Library and Information Science, and dream of being an archivist for Disney someday. I love books, tv, and movies, and have spent so much of my life daydreaming of fictional worlds. I’m excited to have a place to share the things I create inspired by everything from magical lands to galaxies far far away.

Please reach out if you’re interested in collaborating or would like to hire me to develop, test, or photograph recipes. I’m also available for book reviews, video content, and other creative projects.